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    All You Wanted to Know about the Best Stock Portfolio Trackers

    Stock portfolio tracker is a software that allows users to track their investments in the stock market like Motley Fool a private financial and investing advice company that can help you with investment recommendations and stock research. Stock portfolio tracker can be either a web application or an app on your phone. There are various types of this software, and they all offer different features and services. Some of the most popular features include:

    • Daily updates on stocks,
    • Newsfeeds about stocks,
    • Alerts when there is a change in the value of your holdings,
    • Stock alerts for certain stocks or sectors 
    • Stock alerts for specific prices,
    • Reports on how your portfolio compares to major indices 

    A list of great stock portfolio trackers

    Portfolio tracker apps are great for stock investors, and it provides you with information about your portfolio and the market in general. The apps offer a variety of useful features for people looking to invest in stocks, bonds, or ETFs. Here are some of the best portfolio tracker apps in India, along with some free online sites. 

    • Mutual fund app – myCAMS 

    myCAMS provides you with a 360-degree view of your portfolio linked to your PAN. Also, you can both make new mutual fund investments and withdraw your existing ones. However, the interface is not particularly user-friendly for the modern era; the ability to examine all of the personal investments in one location makes it valuable. CAMS (Computer Age Management Services) acts as the transfer agency which has provided the myCAMS portfolio tracker. Available for both iOS and Android phones. 

    • Paytm Money 

    This platform is a pretty new entrant in India, indulging in the tracking and funds category. Paytm Money has become prevalent because of its association with the Paytm Wallet app, one of India’s popular e-banking apps. It allows you to transfer from regular (commission-based) to direct (commission-free) funds and consolidate investments from many platforms into one place. 

    • ET Money

    This is a spending and investment tracker app. You can effortlessly track your cash, e-wallet spending, credit card, and investments with ET money. It helps you be free from all the paper hassles, including purchasing gold and similar commodities. It also does no commission on the mutual fund investments. Available for both iOS and Android phones. 

    • StocksCafe 

    It is one of the most popular free online stock portfolio trackers in India. Key features of StocksCafe are Portfolio Monitoring, Dividend Tracking, Email Updates, Portfolio reports, and a Powerful Screener. The working process is simple and makes it easy for users to use the site. With the help of this online site, you can see your performance in investments in stocks and growth in the field. 

    • MProfit 

    It is another good online stock portfolio tracker. It provides a complete portfolio management solution, tracks various asset classes, and manages a diverse range of portfolios, auto-import data from more than 5,000 formats from more than 700 brokers. You can also gain portfolio intuitions with performance and analytical reports. It has many more features, but sadly, not all are free. MProfit provides a free trial period and a free plan, but not all features are available under it. It has three plans, MProfit Free, MProfit Pro, and MProfit Advisor. 


    All the above given stock portfolio trackers come with unique features and benefits that you must consider. Then you should proceed with choosing the best one out there.

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