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The Ministry of micro small and medium enterprises is working towards encouraging MSM Enterprises involved in processes like manufacturing, processing, production, and preservation of goods thereby fostering the growth of startups in the country.  The Government of India has introduced...
Starting a business in India is not a child’s play. Ranging from financial regulations, law regulations related to employment and tax obligations, there are several aspects that you must consider before starting your business here. Legal startups in India...
Various new studies have been conducted on why people leave their jobs. They have revealed that the top five reasons are a lack of opportunities for promotion, excessive hours, insufficient training or skills development, poor work-life balance, and a...
What is a trademark?  A trademark is a crucial aspect that is related to every business. It is a “distinctive sign” with the help of which you can identify a particular brand’s products and services developed or produced.  It helps in...
If you want Google my business to sign up to work for you, you must optimize the same. Read through these quick and easy ways by which you can get the best out of Google my business.  How to use...
Every business in the current market is online and provides services through digital platforms. E-commerce has become the main dominator of the market. A wide range of E-commerce businesses has started in the last few years. The E-commerce industry...
Although not as much as compared to the United States and China, the online foodservice industry in India is expected to grow by two times by the year 2025 with a congenial setup. In this write-up, let us find...
From the time the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi introduced the Startup India Program, a tremendous surge in the number of startups is being witnessed every year. Tax exemptions and several other benefits have pushed many young...
You might think that having a small business during these times can lead to eliminating you from the scene altogether due to inflation, unstable market conditions, and a lack of driving force to keep you afloat. However, that does...
As the world becomes increasingly connected, there is an increasing need for new technology to make transactions easier. One of the latest innovations in this area is payment apps. Payment apps are essentially digital wallets that allow people to...


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