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In the current era, the Indian market is rapidly growing by adopting a wide range of concepts from all over the world either for business or fashion trends or any other new trends that are emerging globally. Fashion is...
Introduction In 2019 FloBiz a new venture startup was introduced by Rahul Raj, Rakesh Yadav and Aditya Naik. They are the main reason for achieving the mission or goal of accelerating the broadening of SMBs with the help of digitization....
India has always come up with new entrepreneurs and with their innovative ideas and creativity. It is believed that innovation can be done at any age and this has made many people show up with their unique ideas, talents,...
Introduction Deepinder Goyal was born on 26th January 1983 and brought up in Muktsar, Punjab, and use to belong to a middle-class family. He is one of the biggest restaurant Aggregator and the CEO and co-founder of Zomato which basically...
Introduction Pushparani Sarkar, the Bengali grandma named as dear to millions of people over the planet now because of her superhit rural traditional Bengali recipes with self-made spices on her channel on YouTube named as “Villfood”. People always impatiently wait...
An Overview Of Reliance Industry And Jio Reliance Industry Limited is the biggest private-sector corporation in India, listed as a Fortune 500 company. This company was declared as the first Indian Firm to enter the trillion-dollar slab. The Jio Platform Limited...
Introduction All dropouts are not unsuccessful in their life, here comes the biggest example of Mr. Ritesh Agarwal who is also a dropout from college and started his own successful career as an entrepreneur when he was just a 25years...
Abstract Oye Rickshaw is the first electric Rickshaw made in India. It is was founded in 2017 as a sequel to the family-run business and operates mainly in five locations around its headquarters in New Delhi. This electric Rickshaw is...
  INSIGHTS: Anil's dependence on debt as a source of capital was the main reason for his downfall. A discussion of his plans with other important people on board his company would have saved Anil from taking wrong decisions. Anil’s...


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