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    Medical exigencies are unpredictable and can cause a vicious financial crisis in someone's life. The current pandemic of COVID-19 has shown us the importance of a good health insurance plan. Besides COVID-19, the rising cost of medical treatments, medicines...
    Almost everyone owns a vehicle in the present time. Vehicle insurance is affirmative if one wants to have some security over any vehicle that they own. People get excited about purchasing cars or bikes, but they do not often...
    India is the biggest generic drug provider across the globe. The pharmaceutical sector in India has been supplying more than 50% of the global demand for the Covid-19 vaccines, 25% of all the medicines in the United Kingdom, and...
    Medlife stopped its operation, with its users migrating to PharmEasy. With the help of the PharmEasy app, more than 2 million households will be able to get their medicines delivered to their doorsteps now. Medlife has been acquired by...
    Now that we are continuously afraid of being infected by an undetectable opponent like coronavirus, the only option that can maintain our bodies' functioning is healthy nourishment. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," Words of...
    Apple Health is a health and fitness app Apple introduced in September 2014. This app collects users’ health data from their iPhone, Apple Watch, and other health apps. It also offers personalized coaching to help users achieve their fitness...
    Eyecare is very essential for all age groups. Eyes are the window to our soul and that is why they should be taken care of properly. It is important to have proper eye care because if there are any...
    Due to busy life people, these days are unable to properly take care of themselves. On the other hand, the increasing rate of pollution has made it necessary for people to take care of their skin and hair appropriately....
    With the rapid industrial and technological development, in the current era, individuals are becoming more materialistic. Most people these days only focus on their career, job, and how to secure a stable life by earning more money. Yes, all...
    A global Indian company located in Bangalore, India, the Himalayan Drug Trading Corporation. Health goods incorporating Ayurvedic components are manufactured under the Himalayas Natural Healthcare logo. under the Himalayas Natural Healthcare logo. Under this particular symbol, they hit facewash...


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