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    In an era where social media platforms have gained immense popularity and rapidly increased usage, the photo-shoot has become more and more vital for individuals. These days photo-shoot has become highly significant for social media influencers. They shoot in...
    The Instagram Stories do not remain beyond 24 hours. As such, if you don’t save them, you risk losing the stories you have so painstakingly built. So, you can follow a few of these methods that will ensure you...
    Karva Chauth, one of the most popular festivals in India is observed with a lot of enthusiasm among married women. It is celebrated mainly by married Hindu women belonging to North India. However, it is celebrated these days by...
    The annual multi-day cultural fête and livestock fair, Pushkar Camel Fair known as many names such as Pushkar fair, Pushkar ka Mela or Kartik Mela. This festival is mainly celebrated in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Pushkar fair is one of the...
    It is better to love national parks than to love zoos. And why is it so? One of the main reasons why most people love national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India and such parks is that animals enjoy their freedom....
    Introduction India is a country with a population of 136.64 crores as per the last data of 2019. The female to male ratio is 943 females for every 1000 males. However, this gender balance is nearly equal in many states...
    The Indian dating scene according to Indian movies comprises of two people looking at each other from afar and then the scene cuts to two roses intermingling, proving to us that it is a happily ever after. But, in...
    1. Dailymotion Dailymotion is as of now a mainstream name among video-sharing sites like YouTube in 2021. Its interface seems as though YouTube and you can discover moving recordings on the landing page or 'find more' on the classes segment...


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