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What is IPO Grey Market? IPO grey market is one of the major contributors to the stock markets and is a big part of how it operates. These markets can affect prices and trade volumes in significant ways and it...
What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing, meaning that affiliates are not just an advertiser's partner but also their customer. As an affiliate, you benefit from the success of the products you promote. For example, if...
In the global market, the business industry is growing rapidly. Several internal and external factors are associated with this growth and development. One of the main external factors which contribute to the development of businesses is market trends. A...
Instagram tags serve as a powerful tool to reach out to your target audience and keep them engaged. However, there has always been a debate on whether the hashtag caption must be placed in the caption or the comments....
If you consider the well-being of your clients with your business interest in mind too, you are already a great salesperson at heart. The main aim of a salesperson is not to just fulfil targets but grow along with...
Currently, advanced and innovative technology is rapidly developing, making the whole world digitalised. In this digitalised world, digital marketing is one of the crucial requirements for businesses. Marketing is the key component for any business to gain competitive advantages...
It all starts with an idea that changes a lot that follows. The idea was to outsource but it turned out to be the new revolution. It is 2021 and our mobile phones have really become the remote that...
Introduction  Infosys is a living legend with a workforce of more than 200,000 in different countries in information technology. It was also the first Indian IT firm to join NASDAQ and has seen huge development ever since. Infosys has long...
Marketing has changed quite a bit over the years. Marketing schemes that would reach the majority of the audience even five years back would not do much for a campaign in today’s market. The audience is always searching for...
Everything is tending towards modernization. AI has taken over in many human fields to make our lives easier. Why would marketing remain backward in such a case? Software’s have been built which would make the works of different executives...


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