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    With the introduction of the first Bitcoin wallet in India in October 2014, ZebPay established itself as a major cryptocurrency exchange platform. With 3 million users (of which 95% are from India), $2 billion in fiat transactions, plus $3...
    A URL shortener (uniform resource locator), as its name implies, shortens URL and earn money. Essentially, it is a technique for condensing lengthy URLs into shorter ones that may drive users to a specific URL. When a user clicks...
    Spotify music player is currently one of the most famous music streaming services. You don't need the Spotify app to listen on Spotify; instead, you may use Spotify Web Player. All you need is a strong internet connection and...
    YouTube is one of the best platforms to watch videos related to any subject or topic. So, if you want to listen to your favorite song or podcast in audio format, you must be able to use the mp3...
    Regardless of the size of the business, during these times of cut-throat competition and with everyone putting in equal effort to excel, it is survival of the fittest. For this, you must take care of your business listing to...
    Now every individual uses the internet daily. Whether it's for work or entertainment, we cannot think about anything without the internet. Even if we get new information, just to verify its authenticity, we immediately check it on the internet....
    A search engine that offers both a mobile browser app and a desktop DuckDuckGo extension, the DuckDuckGo browser is a search engine that aims at helping you to save your data that many companies otherwise eat up. This browser...
    It would help if you were 100 percent sure that the content you load on a website is plagiarism-free. It is common knowledge that plagiarized content can be harmful to one's reputation, and they affect your search engine ranking...
    As a businessman with a web presence, your main aim is that your prospective leads or clients find you and not your competitors when they type in any keyword that is relevant to your products and services. However, there...
    Like any other profession, blogging requires a set of skills. If you desire to become a top-rated blogger without writing unique content, you will fail.  Writing unique and high-quality content that brings more traffic to your blog increases the conversion...


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