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    IEMSecure – A Review: The Only Website That Scans Texts In 100+ Languages

    It would help if you were 100 percent sure that the content you load on a website is plagiarism-free. It is common knowledge that plagiarized content can be harmful to one’s reputation, and they affect your search engine ranking page (SERP). It is essential to have plagiarism-free writing because Google and other search engines hate copied content as a professional writer. 

    While multiple online websites allow plagiarism checks for free and paid plans, not all are reliable. The best plagiarism checker like IEMSecure has access to billions of web pages to check copied content. Thus, the accuracy percentage is high. 

    IEMSecure plagiarism checker software – checks duplication both ways

    While writing content, it is essential to research various sources for the material and ensure that the final output is 100 percent original. The other crucial check is to see if someone else has copied from your website, and this is particularly critical for academic writers whose research works may be copied by someone else. 

    Features of IEMSecure – best plagiarism checker review

    IEM America Corporation offers this plagiarism checker website. This Washington DC-based organization is into AI, cybersecurity, IoT, ML, programming coding, and many things. 

    IEMSecure provides the following services

    • The IEMSecure website allows one to check any content for plagiarism. One needs it to upload the content on the site, and it will do the rest. After scanning, the results will let the user know if any portion of the content matches other contents of other sites. 
    • Like Grammarly, this website allows you to check for grammatical errors and suggestions for improvement.  


    The IEMSecure website allows one to purchase credits used to determine how many words one can check. In this tool, the calculation is done on the assumption of 250 words per page. Credit usage is determined by the number of words checked in a document. The credit system allows one credit point for every 100 words. So, for a document with 1000 words, credit use will be 10 points.

    One has to buy credits as per different plans, and they come in monthly and annual plans.

    Free Plan – 25 Credits

    • $0
    • 25 pages  
    • 5k words
    • Scans texts in 100+languages
    • Access to help center and Email support

    Basic Plan – 150 Credits

    • $4.5 per month 
    • 150 pages  
    • 30k words
    • Scans texts in 100+languages
    • Access to help center and Email support

    Premium Plan – 500 Credits

    • $15 per month 
    • 500 pages  
    • 100k words
    • Scans texts in 100+languages
    • Priority Email support and access to help center

    Profesional Plan – 1250 Credits

    • $37.5 per month 
    • 1250 pages  
    • 250 K words
    • Scans texts in 100+languages
    • Priority phone and Email support  

    The plagiarism checker review reveals that subscribers can save 26% on the subscription fees if they opt for annual plans payable upfront. 

    Advantage of using IEMSecure Plagiarism Tools 

    The customer has the freedom to cancel their subscription anytime without paying any cancellation charges. The good thing is that if any credits are unutilized, the user can use the remaining credit till the subscription period ends. This feature makes IEMSecure one of the top plagiarism checkers in the market today.

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